The Canadian Stitchery story

Photo of Canadian Stitchery owner Mary in her home studio


Hi! I'm Mary.

I founded Canadian Stitchery in 2016. My mom taught me to stitch when I was a girl under the big Alberta sky. When I returned to the craft as a young professional, however, I couldn't find any patterns that spoke to me. Everything was too old-fashioned or cutesy.

Then along came Pinterest, and with it a surge in the popularity of cross stitching. Suddenly, modern designs were available  from the political to the salty and sassy, and everything in between.

I grabbed a pad of graph paper and started sketching my own patterns with pencil crayons. Creating my own designs was so empowering. Soon, I graduated to an online stitch program, and then to Adobe Illustrator. When I learned how to laser cut my designs into sustainable wood, that was it. Canadian Stitchery was born in my Toronto living room.

Such a thrill comes from sharing this beloved craft with others. When I'm not stitching, I juggle two day jobs, two children, a cat who's starved for attention and a dog who's starving for anything at all. Drop me a line at